Cooking can be a difficult task depending upon the resources and kitchen tools you have to help you out. While you may accept that it is not your cup of tea, you will also accept that you cannot live on boiled eggs and toast all the time. So whether you like it or not, you will need to learn how to cook. Moreover, these days cooking is not as difficult as it was as there are many food preparation accessories you can use to help yourself. The avail of such tools has made food preparation very easy and has reduced the time it takes to cook normally.

Whether you are a bachelor living alone or a working mother of two, these accessories are all you need. You can shop all these kitchen tools online at ClickMall at the most affordable prices with brand warranties as well.

So without further ado, let’s get down to our pick of the top 5 kitchen appliances you should get your hands on in 2018.

WestPoint 12” Roti Maker

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The first thing we judge cooking skills on is how round and perfect someone’s roti is. Roti is the most staple food in Pakistan and if you have a large family, most of your day will end up being in front of the stove, making chapattis. WestPoint has now made things so much easier for everyone by introducing the state-of-the-art kitchen tool called a roti maker. With this, you will get a hot, more importantly a perfect round roti, every time. No need to flatten the dough and slap it around on your hands because that’s what the WestPoint 12” roti maker does for you. Just knead the dough and make small balls of it. Put one ball on it at a time, press and flip, and you will have your roti in a few minutes. This is one of the most convenient kitchen appliances that you can have for food preparation.

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Alpina Hand Mixer SF-1007

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A hand mixer can be used for so many things in the kitchen and has a lot of utility. Alpina hand mixer is another one of the amazing kitchen tools we will suggest to all new and pro cookers. Whether you are baking a cake, blending some coffee or just making an omelet, the hand mixer can be used as an effective tool for all your cooking needs. The hand mixer has a very convenient design that you can rest while you cook and comes with two different shapes of beaters. From doughs to eggs to cake mixtures, you can beat and mix everything you need to, instantly and with ease. The hooks are perfectly shaped to give you a much better result than doing it with hand. Moreover, the handle also gives a very good grip to the machine. It has 6 levels of speed and uses a 150 W motor.

The Alpina hand mixer is the multipurpose machine every kitchen needs. It is suitable for both amateurs and professional cooks and you definitely need to get this as soon as possible. You have no idea how easy it will make cooking for you.

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Sencor Rice Cooker

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Cooking rice is an art that only a few master. The open pot technique of rice cooking is the conventional way to go but it takes a long time and you have to be very precise about the cooking time. Otherwise, you may overcook or undercook the rice. First, you will need to boil water and then add rice to it. After they come to a boil you need to drain the water and steam the rice too. The process is slow and tedious and a new cook is bound to get this wrong. But now, you do not need to worry about these techniques now as the Sencor rice cooker makes it all so very easy. The rice just cooks inside the cooker and you only have to add water to it. The timer is accurate and does not overcook or undercook the rice at all.

If you love rice and don’t know how to cook them, all you have to do is buy a rice cooker online for easy rice cooking. It is also suitable for cooking rice for sushi and it can keep rice warm for up to 6 hours.

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WestPoint Egg Boiler

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Even some of the best cooks can over boil or under boil an egg if they weren’t paying attention to it. The yolk stays runny if you did not boil it enough and if you boiled it more than it should have been, the yolk will turn to a grey and powdery mess. Both scenarios can happen easily and it makes the yolk hard to eat. The WestPoint egg boiler can make boiling an egg to perfection so easy. It can boil up to 7 eggs at a time and you can decide if you want a half boil, full boil or hard-boiled egg. Just put in the eggs, set the timer right and in a few minutes your eggs will come out boiled exactly how you wanted them. This is a good kitchen tool because all eggs have a standard boiling time so it cannot go wrong.

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Sencor Pop Corn Maker

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Are you in for a healthy snack and don’t feel like going out? The Sencor popcorn maker is the best thing to happen to modern kitchen tools & accessories in Pakistan. The popcorn maker is your companion in the midnight darkness looking for a healthy and light snack. It will also help you when you are in for a movie with your family. Everyone likes popcorn and it is even better when you can make it without oil too. The Sencor popcorn maker has a very good looking body and the stout is much like a modern kettle. It makes the corn pop in no time and you will just look at it like its doing magic on its own.

Whether you like popcorn or your kids are always asking for a snack, the Sencor popcorn maker is much better than all other ways of popping corn. The conventional method of doing this on stove takes too long and the packaged microwaveable popcorn has a lot of oil in it. The popcorn maker uses low energy and the popcorn it makes is light and tasty. You can order yours here:  

These food preparation accessories are your best bet at making life in the kitchen easier. Forget those long hours in the kitchen and order your accessories from ClickMall now today.

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