In this world where everything is judged by its innovative nature and smartness, nothing more important than to have the latest viewer experience. Whether you want to go to cinema or you watch a movie on your LED TV there is one thing that matters the most in this case, proper resolution and clear graphics. These both are the merits upon which a LED TV is granted smartness award as every other feature comes afterwards. So moving on towards this aspect we present you the article which will guide you towards the 5 Smart LED TV and how they are not only best for grooming your graphical experience but are also very low in rates and you can purchase them easily.

Top LED TVs in Pakistan

5 Smart LED TVs
Brand LED TV Screen Size Price
TCL LED TV TCL 32" L32D3000A LED TV 32 inches Rs.20,999
Haier LED TV Haier 32" LED TV 32K6000 32 inches Rs.22,500
Orient LED TV Orient Puma 32 HD Black 32 inches Rs.19,999
Samsung LED TV Samsung 32" HD FLAT LED - 32M5000DR 32 inches Rs.38,000
Ecostar LED TV EcoStar 43" Black LED CX-43U558/571 43 inches Rs.36,990


Essential features which must be included in a LED TV Now when we talk about the best LED TV there is one thing which should be kept in mind and it is the essential features of that LED TV. So, let’s give most prominent features of LED TVs a look! Perfect Graphic When you tend to purchase a LED one thing which you should look in it is the graphics and the resolution. This is very important to look for the features before purchasing any appliance. So, make sure that the graphics of that LED is according to what you need.

This is user experience which is very important to detect before purchasing an LED TV. Clear Voice Orient LED provides you the clear voice and proper sound effect. There are many LEDs which don’t have a clear and loud voice. While purchasing a LED TV you need to look into this feature as well because this feature impacts your entertainment’s quality.  Screen Size Screen sizes vary according to the space which you want to embellish with LED TV. There is nothing more important than recognizing the actual screen size of your LED Tv.

For the purpose always know your place and the space where the LED Tv will get fixed or installed.  Smart functions When your LED tv comes with more advance features your experience of watching your favourite stuff on your LED tv becomes more innovative. There are many functions including USB ports, HDMI ports and other smart function which makes LED TV worth purchasing. Now before you do Online Shopping for LED TV Online or go for a conventional shopping, do view these features which will help you decide the best for your home and office!

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