In the modern age of commercialized foods & extremely busy lifestyles, we all seem to become victims of obesity & planning to go on a diet is the next thing that keeps hitting our mind.

Losing weight can be difficult but not impossible. The first thing you might wanna consider is controlling & plan your diet while going on a detox. You need a well thought out diet plan before you begin your calorie losing journey because crash diets are never good for your health. A proper diet will give you all the nutrients you need while cutting off all the fat and carbs from it. By utilizing this method, your body will only take energy from the proteins and when it needs carbs, it will use the already stored fat in your body and you will eventually lose weight.

Nearly 70% of any fitness plan is centered on diet, therefore, it is important to consider eating options. Boiled, grilled or smoked food would more likely be your weapon of choice when it comes to losing some pounds. If you don’t change your eating habits, all of your fitness efforts will go in vain & probably no one wants to be in that place.

To keep you in shape, ClickMall is offering some of the most diverse kitchen appliances online that can prove to be vital for your diet & fitness regime. Most people order special diet food which costs them hundreds of thousands & there is no guarantee that they will get proper nutrition and lose additional fat. While diet & exercise are important, the secret to losing weight is consistency & focus.

So, to help you out, we have compiled a list of kitchen accessories & tools that will help you achieve your perfect weight.

Food Steamer

Philips food steamer price in Pakistan

Number one on our list is the food steamer. When you are on a diet, steamed vegetables and chicken can be a great source of instant energy with very low fats. The Philips food steamer from ClickMall has three compartments where you can steam your food in. Whether you want to steam a fillet of salmon or a bunch of greens for your side, this handy food steamer is all you need. The food steamer also offers some pretty decent features such as a built-in timer with preset timings, a flavor booster and an aroma infuser. Moreover, it has a special overheat and dry boil protection feature which will help in making sure that the food does not lose its taste and texture. Forget about all the hassle of air tightening a regular bowl for steaming food, this amazingly awesome kitchen tool from Philips will make your life less of a misery.

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Electric Grill

best electric grill price in Pakistan

Second on our list is the electric grill. Dieticians usually recommend grilled food for an appropriate protein intake. For the proper grilled taste and aroma, an electric grill serves perfect for the job. The Sencor tabletop electric grill provides two different types of surfaces for grilling. The plain one is best for grilling vegetables and the other ridged surface is perfect for meat. The Sencor electric grill also has an option for grilling without oil for fitness freaks to lessen their oil consumption.  

The electric grill is ideal for grilling both indoors and outdoors and you can take your grilling equipment out in the lawn or garage too. With it, there will be no excuse for you to miss out on your diet.

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Egg Boiler

egg boiler price in Pakistan

How can we ever miss egg boilers on our list?

Your diet plan is sure shot to have boiled egg whites in it. Westpoint offers an astounding apparatus for it so that you don’t over boil or under boil eggs as they will either end up being too runny or too dry. To serve this purpose, WestPoint’s egg boiler is a great option. It offers a capacity to hold 7 eggs at a time and if you have been recommended to incorporate egg whites in your diet then you can easily put this machine to use. The temperature control of this kitchen tool can heavily reduce your efforts thus saving you from the later process of wiping the pan. The egg boiler has a lot of utility in your kitchen even after you are done with dieting.

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Air Fryer

Air Fryer price in Pakistan

Deep fried stuff is the foremost thing you need to do away with when acting on a diet plan. Using no oil at all, the Black & Decker air fryer gives you an end product that is crispy, crunchy, healthy & obviously oil-free.  The machine boasts a 4-liter capacity and instead of oil, it fries food with hot air. Now ain’t that amazing?

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Fitness Scale

Fitness scale price in Pakistan

A diet plan is worthless if you’re not able to monitor improvements. A diet conscious person always needs to have a fitness scale to strictly take notes of the increase or decrease in weight and that is why a weighing scale is necessary. In the market, one can come across two different kinds’ i.e. digital fitness scale and analog fitness scale, both of them serve their purpose with complete precision. This small apparatus can make you stick to your diet more effectively as you can see the ups and downs of your struggle regularly.

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So, hurry up and make your dieting regime a bit easier by getting these kitchen appliances online.

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