AC capacity is the most important factor while considering a purchase for one. Generally, all online consumers have the same concern in mind and that is what tonnage AC should they buy and whether it will be enough to keep their room cool during the scorching summer season.

Usually, when you ask this question to a sales guy, they’ll try to sell you the maximum available capacity, which in fact, will be more than required to cool the specific space.

Buying a higher capacity air conditioner is not only expensive upfront but also it can needlessly increase your energy bills. While purchasing a higher capacity has its own cons, a smaller one can be evenly worse as it will have to go work harder thus resulting in high electrical bills.

The tough reality is that when planning to buy an air conditioner in Pakistan, people simply head off to the home appliances market without having any clue of what size BTU unit will cool a certain area specifically.

While air conditioners in Pakistan come in various sizes ranging from DC Inverter Units to Fixed speed types and fall under different price segments but to be as sure as hell, determining tonnage based on area requires certain calculations to be made but the question is how do you know?

In today’s post, we’ll be accustoming you with all the information you’ll ever need to buy the perfect sized air conditioner for yourself.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Does Size Really Matter?

Without giving it a second thought, yes it does. Pick too small an air conditioner & you could end up with a room that's not enough cool. Smaller units also tend to overheat frequently owing to the extra strain they endure to bring the room’s temperature down.

On the other hand, a bigger unit won’t be able to remove the necessary moisture from the room, making the environment uncomfortable for the user.

What’s a Ton?

Tonnage can be considered as the most important factor when selecting an air conditioner as it directly relates to the amount of cooling it is going to deliver to a specific area.

The term “Ton” was originated by as an area that can be cooled using 1 ton of ice. So hypothetically, a "ton" refers to the heat capacity of a ton of melting ice during a period of 24 hours or one day. So basically, this means that a 1 ton air conditioner can eradicate enough heat which can melt about 1 ton of ice in a day. So, the larger the room size, the more cooling capacity you’ll be necessitating.  

How Much Is A Ton Actually?


1 Ton => 12,000 BTU

1.5 Ton=> 18000 BTU

2 Ton => 24,000 BTU

3 Ton => 36,000 BTU

4 Ton => 48,000 BTU

Factors You Need to Consider

While area is one thing, there are several other factors involved to estimate the right amount of air conditioner tonnage. Apart from just size of a room, you also need to consider the number of appliances in a room, floor type, number of windows, insulation, facing direction, fans available, humidity, city of use, wall type, furniture type, orientation to the sun, time it is to be used, number of people in room & outdoor conditions.

Frankly, there is no hard & fast rule to answer this question but one can assess the applicable amount of cooling required based on their surroundings, situation & requirements.

First Things First

The simple rule of thumb is to get the dimensions of the room. Employing any measuring apparatus, you can get readings to gauge the size of the room to determine the BTU requirement of the AC accordingly.

Required Readings

  • Length (Ft.)
  • Breadth (Ft.)
  • Height (Ft.)

Here’s the Secret Formula to Find the Required Capacity

First, calculate out the volume of your room by multiplying the length, breadth & height. For oddly-shaped spaces, reach back to the basic theories you learned in geometry class. Once you have found out the entire area you plan to cool, you’re all set for AC shopping in Pakistan.

Do a little Math!

Length (feet) x Breadth (feet) x Height (feet) = Tada!


Let’s Do Some Table Talk

Now taking the calculated volume into consideration, find the right capacity air conditioner for yourself.


AC Ton Required

Up to 1000 cu ft.

1 Ton or 12,000 BTU


1001 cu ft.- 2250 cu ft.

1.5 Ton or 18000 BTU


2251 cu ft.- 3350 cu ft.

2 Ton or 24,000 BTU


3351 cu ft.-5350 cu ft.

4 Ton or 48,000 BTU


5351 cu ft +

HVAC or Additional Tons


For a larger area, simply add up the figures to find the right tonnage AC. The above volume to tonnage requirement table will help you determine the capacity you’ll be needing.

Suggestions for Better Decision Making

There are a few additional factors you need to keep in mind when buying the perfect capacity AC in Pakistan.

Important Tips

Add in 0.5 Ton extra if

  • You reside near places where summers usually cross 45 degrees.
  • You live on the top floor of your building.
  • You don’t have appropriate insulation.

Summers have arrived and most places in Pakistan will encounter excruciating heat in the coming months. So, the only comfort to confront the sizzling summers would be none the less an air conditioner.

Determining required AC tonnage is a critical move, so one needs to be fully prepared before buying one.  Once the AC is installed, it's a long-lasting fixture—so it’s better to purchase the right one initially. An accurately sized air conditioner will always reward you with energy savings in the long run.

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Happy Air Conditioner Shopping!

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