Summers in Pakistan are very long and one thing which Pakistanis can’t survive without are the air conditioners. From the extraordinary humidity and the heat, there is only one way to escape and that is the air-conditioned room, which will not only give you the heat free summers but will provide more convenience.

But the majority in our country complains that their room is not as chilled as they want it to be or as much as the companies which manufacture air conditioner claims. These people forget one thing that an air conditioner is always purchased according to weight and space. You can only get the admirable chilled air when you will know the proper requirement of your room and the weight and air throw of your AC. Here is the article which will help you to get the perfect amount of chilled air without any ambiguity.

1-Ton AC

If your roZom is up to 120ft then this 1-ton Ac is the best sort of air conditioner you can install in that small room. There are so many remarkable air conditioner which are offered by the top appliances manufacturing brands. For instance, the best results from the 1-ton air conditioner could be attained from the Orient 1 ton ac or Gree 1-ton air conditioner. You have to compare the air conditioners as there are so many split air conditioners which will offer you so much better and the by online shopping apps in Pakistan you can easily purchase these air conditioners as well!

1.5-Ton AC

Okay so here is the reason why people purchase the 1.5-ton air conditioner, these people who either have the room on the upper portion of the house where the sun rays hit directly, they need storing cooling in summers, especially in the month of June and July. This is the reason that even if their room of just 120ft to 200ft then most of the people selects the 1.5-ton ac to have a cooler room. You need to know that this air conditioner is one of the most compatible air conditioners in the market, whether you select to purchase Dawlance 1.5-ton ac or Haier 1.5 ton ac. When you really want a long-term solution then select 1.5-ton ac.

2.0-Ton AC

For the large space, you need to choose 2.0-ton ac if the room is more than 120ft till 200ft this weight for the air conditioner is the ideal one and works the best. These air conditioners are so good that most of the people like to purchase the DC inverter AC from the top ac brands in Pakistan like Dawlance, Haier or Orient.  But keep in mind that in the room more than 200ft you need to install floor standing air conditioners. You can easily purchase these by shopping online in Pakistan as well.

Now after reading this the query in your mind must be answered why your air conditioner is not working as expected. There is a very technical logic behind the mechanism of these electronic appliances and you have to always research the demands of your space and the relevant products before purchasing them because learning is better than wasting time and money and afterwards regretting it. Thanks to the onliune journals, articles and researches now choosing the right air conditoner or any other eletronic product is no longer an issue. You can review the specs on clickmall and then order your favourite air conditioner from your home.


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