When we talk about the world of home appliances, one of the most important home appliances is the air conditioner. People know that the technology of air conditioner is developing with the passage of time. This technology is changing the way people think about their air conditioners and their experience of air conditioning. In the recent forms there are two types of latest air conditioners which are popular among consumer base DC inverter AC and conventional split air conditioner. For making the clear difference between these two this article will come through all the major differences between these both types of air conditioners making the spectrum clearer.

DC Inverter AC Vs Split AC

DC Inverter AC Variable frequency drive to control the speed of motor in the compressor. The motor will run of full speed to regulate the required temperature. Helps to save the electricity because of its efficient mechanism. Less noise Durable Expensive/ costly
Split AC Fixed speed of the motor in the compressor. Either the motor will run all or none! This means that either the motor will run or it will not. Split air conditioners consume more electricity than dc inverter ac. There is no noise reduction system. Less durable Less expensive

Different Features of DC inverter Ac and Conventional Split Air conditioner

Now on the basis of different Features lets identify the difference between these both ultra-famous types of air conditioners

Different Frequency

Both types of air conditioners have different frequencies for operating the air conditioning mechanism. In dc inverter air conditioner, the variable frequency is present which allows the use to proper control the speed of motor. This enables the user to properly moderate and control the temperature in low voltage as well.

Whereas, in conventional split air conditioner the motor speed is constantly high or it does not run. This makes it impossible to set the temperature accordingly


There is heat and cool mechanism which makes dc inverter ac compatible not only for the summer season but also for the winters. This is reason why people now prefer inverter technology because this technology helps you get the perfect room temperature.

Conventional split air conditioner will give you the chilled room. You will also be able to adjust the temperature, but it doesn’t help you to survive the winters with it. Because it doesn’t have heat and cool operations.

Noise reduction

Inverter technology has the noise reduction system which helps keeping the environment noise free, because the motor runs quietly/. This system is not present in the conventional split air conditioner and you have to suffer the motor’s noise wilt the air conditioner is operating.


Inverter technology is the proper example of investment. You have to invest on time and then get tension free for years. This is quite right not only these air conditioners are low in maintenance but they are also very durable.

Where as conventional split air conditioners might be durable but they need to get repaired every season and the gars refill is also a big problem. Comparatively inverter air conditioner is better in durability and maintenance.

If you are looking for the air conditioner than conventional split might be a good choice but if you looking to get good results in the longer run then try to purchase inverter air conditioners!



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