Buying a washing machine is one part of the game and the next is using it the right way to extend its life. Consumers put down thousands of rupees while purchasing one, simply to help them out in their laundry chores but before they know it, they are left with a big plastic box that does nothing.

When one considers a washing machine purchase it is also important to know how it should be operated and what’s the best way to get the job done efficiently.

While you might be aware of the fact that how certain detergents and washing practices can turn thousands of rupees of your investment to mere nothing, it is imperative to know actually what helps to extend the life expectancy of your washing machine.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

Look for Leaks

Washing machine leaks are a definite sign that a new machine is in your future, depending on the area of the leak and the age of the appliance. In realistic terms, the service life expectancy for a washing machine is nearly about 11 years if used properly. If you tend to discover that your washing machine is leaking unnecessarily then its best to get it checked from a trained technician right away.  Ignoring the issue will result into more damage to the appliance thus decreasing its operational life.

Usually, leaks erupt from the supply hoses so your first approach should be inspecting it. If you tend to find out that they are ruptured then it is the right time to get them replaced. Hoses normally last around five years and should be replaced when they reach their limit. If minor dripping is observed, just tighten the hose fittings on the back of the machine and the machine will be as good as new.

For front loaders, leaks may occur due to a deteriorated door gasket. In order to prevent it, manufacturers recommend wiping the gasket clean after each use to extend its life. If things are more serious then have it replaced.


Let it Breath- Open the Doors When Not Being Used

As the sole purpose of a washing machine is to clean dirty clothing on a regular basis, therefore, there are chances that you might have bacteria in the washing or drying tub. The bacteria inside may infect the appliance altogether and result in developing fungus. Yukhhhhh!

Yep, you wouldn’t want that to happen!


Don’t Cross the Limits!

If you ignore the load capacity of the washing machine then you definitely have another thing coming. It is recommended that you break large loads down into smaller ones as it will help your machine to use less energy thus applying less strain on the motor. Here is it important to mention that the drum does not need to be half empty as it will cause problems both electrical & mechanical.

Filling up the washer past its load limit will influence its ability after some time so make sure you pack it up as per its capacity. DO NOT OVERDO IT!


Oxygen Please!!!- Clogged Washer Drain

As time passes, your washing machine can start to have clogged drains, which is an alarming situation & should be addressed at the earliest. All of which your laundry cleaner goes through, the least it could have is clogged drains. The answer to this equation is very simple, simply clean the drain pipe with a short drain snake.  


Even Washing Machines like Spa Body Treatments

To extend the washing machine’s life, run a hot wash at least once a month.  A hot wash with water temperature of somewhere around 60C to 90C will help eradicate bugs and mold thus helping you to keep your machine odor & germ free.  We recommend sanitizing it on an empty load with warm water or with a mixture of a cup of white vinegar & water to clear the build up from detergents & debris.

Give It Some Rest

Keep your laundry washes limited to one per day. The less burden you through on it the less damage your machine will take and eventually you’ll have increased life of the appliance.  If you didn’t pay attention to family planning advertisements and have a big family then go for a commercial washing machine & leave the poor domestic variant alone.  Washing machines made for home use aren’t as powerful as commercial one’s because they are not designed to be run for such a long and sustained period. Frequently overworking the motor can shorten its lifespan.

An Annual Checkup is better Than Buying a New Machine

For a washing machine to be operational for decades & beyond, it is important that you refer to professional service at least once a year for both troubleshooting and repair. It is recommended that you always call the official brand technician rather than having a road-side expert do the job.

Maximizing the lifespan of your washing machine means taking basic precautions right from the start to keep the components running effortlessly. So, to save yourself from catastrophic consequences, follow our tips or if you have failed to find the right answer at the right time then browse our washing machine category to find the latest options available in the market. Also, to check out the best washing machine prices in Pakistan, visit our relevant section today.

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