Are you a football fan and are aching to get the best experience of the ongoing world cup? Watching an important football game deserves proper arrangements, the right passion and a huge screen and what is more important than the World Cup itself? Every football fan pines to watch the world cup action live but not everyone can go to the games. The 4K LED TVs available these days make the experience of watching at home much better than before. The ultra HD resolution and the Hi-fi LED TV sound system, all blends in to give you the most amazing footballing experience of your lifetime. With the surround sound and crystal clear transmission, you will not miss a flash of the excitement.

So whichever team you support in the tournament barely matters because real fans watch every game no matter what. The high definition resolution increases the excitement and passion of the game and a great TV is necessary to enjoy the most out of it. We bring you the best available options if you want to buy 4K LED TV online. Some of these TV & display screens are more expensive than others but rest assured these are all Ultra HD (UHD) and you can decide based on your budget.

ClickMall brings special deals for LED TVs online at our store in accordance to the FIFA World Cup 2018. Sift through the most amazing LED models that are smart TVs and offer perfect quality screen resolution that will make the footballing action great.

Here are five LED TV options that you can buy from ClickMall right now at the best prices:

1. Orient 4K UHD 65 Inch LED TV

Orient 65 inch LED TV price in Pakistan

Orient has always been a renowned and well reputed electronics company of Pakistan. Their products are in line with the latest technology. Orient's 4K UHD 65 Inch LED TV is one of its kind as the colors and sharpness of image delivered by it is unparalleled. If you buy this, you are in for the most exhilarating experience during the FIFA World Cup. It has a full color optimizer and a multicolor system that enhances every layer of the image on display. The Ultra High Definition screen resolution on a 65-inch screen that has brilliant color enhancements allows you to delve into the game easily without missing a second.

If you want to get your hands on this one you can shop online at ClickMall. This UHD LED TV can be bought at a highly discounted price on ClickMall. So, hurry up to grab the deal.

2. Samsung 65" UHD SMART FLAT QLED

Samsung smart qled tv price in Pakistan

Samsung calls its flagship televisions as QLED TVs, with the Q standing for Quantum Dots. Samsung has been the front-runner of the electronics industry as it is the ring leader in innovation. The Samsung quality is what you can trust and although it is more expensive than all other electronics brands, it seems worth it. This 4K LED TV from Samsung has it all, from the perfect size to watch sports, the ultra-high definition resolution, the innovative technology and the smart TV features. The TV comes with Samsung’s signature OneRemote that allows you to control every device connected to the same spot. Samsung never lets you down and the 65” UHD smart flat QLED sounds like something that came out of your dreams.

With the FIFA World Cup going on, this might be the best device you can have in your house. It does not just look good; it also provides the enhanced images through the proprietary Quantum Dots technology. If you can afford this wonder screen, there are no better options. Shop now for 4K LED TVs at best prices in Pakistan at ClickMall and get this product at a super discount here.

3. Changhong Ruba 55" UHD 4K SMART LED TV

Changhong Ruba LED TV price online in Pakistan

Changhong Ruba has quickly made a space for itself in the electronics industry of Pakistan with its great quality affordable products. The average Changhong Ruba LED TV prices are lesser than other leading brands and this gives them quite the edge. The 55” UHD 4K Smart LED TV has everything a good 4K LED TV should have. The iSmart Control is a wonderful feature that allows you to mirror a two-way image on to the 55’ screen. Moreover, the dual tuner can support up to 1200 channels. Changhong Ruba UHD process enhances the entire TV & display screen to give you the sports experience you truly deserve. Watch Messi’s dribbling, Coutinho’s screamers and Neymar’s tricks as never before with this quality screen resolution. The price is low as compared to other brands like Orient, TCL or Samsung and this is the right fit for you if you want to enjoy affordable entertainment.

The Changhong Ruba 55” UHD 4K Smart LED TV is available for online shopping and you can easily get it here at ClickMall. This product comes with a two-year brand warranty and is thus a very reliable purchase.

4. EcoStar 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

EcoStar 55 inch 4kuhd led tv price in Pakistan

EcoStar promises to bring you a resolution that is four times better even from regular HD! That ought to make your FIFA World Cup experience better than ever before, right? EcoStar is a relatively new name in LED TV brands in Pakistan but they have made quite the impact. EcoStar is also a comparatively less expensive brand but it brings, UHD, 4K and Smart TVs. The EcoStar 55’ 4K Ultra HD smart LED TV allows easy access to YouTube, Netflix, Skype and Vimeo as well. This is the ultimate all-in-one choice for you when the budget is less.

Get yours online at ClickMall here and avail great discounts.

5. TCL 55" P6 Smart TV

TCL 55 inch Smart LED TV price online in Pakistan

For a truly amazing experience, the TCL 55” P6 smart TV uses immersive viewing techniques to make the colors really pop on your screen. It makes use of natural colors and shades of light that enhances the whites and makes the darker shades clearer. TCL claims to give a screen resolution of 3840x2160 pixels at really affordable prices. All of this comes with the TCL brand warranty and a very reasonable price. This is a great option for World Cup live streaming because through the HDMI cable connection you can even upgrade the low quality stream to 4K on the TV screen.  TCL can be purchased online through ClickMall at competitive pricing with reliable and low shipping costs.

So stop the wait and grab the latest offers on LED TVs on ClickMall and make the best of your sports and football world cup viewing experience.

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