Trends and fashion change like the season and with the season too. If you are a fashion forward person your entire wardrobe would look exactly like a mini fashion store. All the flowery prints, flowy silk dupattas and cigarette pants can never be enough. In the end, even with the overflowing wardrobe, most women have nothing to wear. Keeping in mind all the latest apparel trends, a refresher to your clothes is needed every now and then. When you are thinking to restock, you have to know what the latest trends actually are.

We are here to chalk out the trendiest apparel brand and looks for you so that you do not have to make trips to the market just to see what’s out there. This post will help you see what’s hot and what not this season is and how you can buy it all on our online fashion store.

Leave out the worry of going to the market, haggling the price, then getting it stitched from the tailor. Just refer to our online shopping store to buy both stitched and unstitched women clothes.

So, without further ado, let’s check out what’s “IN” & what’s “NOT” in 2k18’s Women Fashion Trends:-


Flowery Prints

online women fashion in Pakistan

The latest women clothes collections feature colorful flowery prints that have made their way into the fashion scene after quite some time now. The age of digital and abstract prints is over and flowers have taken over. The prints have a light base color with multi-colored flowers and that has taken the fashion world by storm. It all started with Sapphire and Sana Safinaz lawn collection and then all other brands followed suit with Khas, Jacquard, Gul Ahmed, Al Karam, Ferouzey, Vesttire and Fustan leading the way.

These brands have some of the most beautiful prints in their collection.

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Medium Length Frocks & Shirts

The length of the shirts is very important and the trend just keeps changing on that. From the early 2000s up till now the long shirt and short shirt apparel trend have been alternating. The trend for long shirts was in the market till recently and now medium lengths and short shirts are back. The difference is medium length frocks are also very in and the flairs are accentuated with pleats and panels. These trendy frocks can be worn for lunches, dinners and even your day to day office routine.

Only a good and an experienced tailor can stitch the perfect pleated and flair frock. Instead of taking your chances with that, just buy a stitched frock online.

ClickMall has some of the most well-stitched and trendy frocks & stitched shirts that add a bit of traditional style to them.

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Bright & Eye-catching Colors

The best part about wearing the brightest colors is that they always look nice. So, get all those bright blues, yellows and tangerines because this season is all about bright colors and silk dupattas. The bright threads for embroideries on net dupattas and shirts are the new semi-formal wear trend.

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Peplums with Boot Cut Pants

online women fashion store in Pakistan

Peplums are short flowy frocks that have pleats and panels in them. These were mostly part of the last wedding season frenzy fashion in Pakistan and are now making their way in the casual pret wear. We saw some very beautiful peplums from Beechtree this summer and some other brands are set to make it their style statement as well. Boot cut pants have been out of the scene for quite some time now as everyone was wearing straight pants, trousers and cigarette pants. Now, with the short frock and peplum trend, they have surfaced again. Peplums look amazing with boot cuts and we recommend that 100 percent.

ClickMall has a wide range of unstitched women clothes online and you can get them stitched into a peplum and boot cut trouser. We have the Vesttire Unstitched Lawn Suit – Scintillia that will look perfect stitched as a peplum and boot cut.

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Casual Gear- Tee Shirts, Tops & Tanks  

Girls tanks & tops price in pakistan

The most important thing in a woman’s wardrobe is the casual stuff and we here at offer a wide range of girls clothes online to meet a lady’s everyday casual clothing needs. Modern and simplistic tees are the ones that are in trend and probably the most desirable items a woman can choose to have. As per 2k18’s women fashion trends, one must have a decent collection of designer tops & tanks because they never go out of style and also give you a more formal look without compromising comfort.

The fabric of our offered women’s casual wear are of supreme quality and are available at our online fashion store at highly affordable prices.  

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Bright Colored Kurtas & Basic Straight Trousers

For a more traditional take, this season, women tend to wear bright colored kurtas with basic black or white straight trousers to meet their daily apparel needs as they serve perfectly for the working woman as well for the ones going college. The modern trend calls for a slimmer fit ready-made kurta combined with either cotton trousers or jeans, whatever seems appropriate.  The conventional shalwar kameez although is evergreen but nowadays is less in style.

Moreover, all the bright colors like green, blue, orange and even pink are the top trends this season.

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So, if you want to follow all the latest trends in apparel for women, simply visit our women fashion category now.

If you have more to share then feel free to comment in the section below.

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