Food is the weakness of all the Pakistanis, whether we are foodie or not, we always want the best quality solutions for it. There are many people who don’t have time to cook food over and over again, these people need a solution which is not only rapid but hygienic as well. This is the reason why baking is considered less hectic and more fruitful. Those were the old times when cooking ranges had the ovens which were consumed to cook and bake stuff! Now people like to purchase microwave ovens in Pakistan which not only help them in baking but they also defrost their food items and help them cook the processed food.

Top 5 Microwave oven in Pakistan

Microwave Ovens Price Comparison
Microwave Price
Dawlance Microwave Oven Classic Series DW-MD4 Rs.7,600
PEL 30BG Microwave Oven Grill 30Ltr Rs.12,000
Westpoint 24 Liter Oven Toaster Rotisserie Hot Plate WF-2400 Rs.7,210
Alpina 33 L Oven Toaster SF-6000 Rs.15,220
Multynet Electric Baking Oven Amt-9002 Black Rs.6,690


What is the Quality of Best Microwave oven? Most of the people wants to know that what exactly are the qualities and features which make microwave more suitable and perfect.

  • Microwave should be able to cook and heat the food items evenly. The way to judge this is to know the wattage, it should me between 700W to 1200W and 900W is the most suitable one. This means when you will know the wattage you will be able to judge this easily.
  • Capacity of any refrigerator of microwave should be according to your requirement and this is important. There are many people who needs more capacity in the microwave and they purchase low capacity appliance which then creates trouble for them
  • 3. There is a plus point when you select a convection and the grill microwave oven, they are the best for all sorts of baking experiences and proved even heat to the food items as well.
  • 4. Microwave price in Pakistan depends on your requirement and the capacity of the. For instance, you can select any top brand such as, Dawlance microwave oven, Orient microwave oven or Pel microwave oven but do keep in mind that the size and capacity matters.
  • Is there any latest Microwave technology to look upon? Well there are so many new things which are introduced in category of Microwave ovens. There are conventional and grill microwaves, which help you prepare food more accurately and hygienically.

    There are invertor microwaves as well and they are also built to provide the comfortable baking on less electricity consumption. Orient microwave oven will soon become smarter which means you will be able to control your cooking with your smartphones as well. So, if you want to purchase the lasts microwaves on the best rates, then visit clickmall right now and select your required microwave.

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