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  • Enviro 2 Ton Split Air Conditioner EAC-24HD/EC (Conventional)
    Sold Out

    Enviro 2 Ton Split Air Conditioner EAC-24HD/EC (Conventional)

    Key Features Size; 2 Ton Sleep Mode Quiet Mode 10 Hour Automatic Power-Off Auto Protection Auto Restart Cooling btu: 24000 Product Description There is nothing more advance than the Enviro...
  • Haier 1.5 Ton Fixed Speed AC HSU-18LTG/022L(W) Air Conditioner
    Sold Out

    Haier 1.5 Ton Fixed Speed AC HSU-18LTG/022L(W) Air Conditioner

    Haier Innovative Design and Technology provides what you paid for. No matter you talk about the design or the color and of course the high quality as well. Haier 1.5...

Buying Air Conditioner is Easier Online

An air conditioner might just be the most important appliance in the house with the scorching summer heat. The sun will make it difficult for everyone and to beat the heat, air conditioners are the only things that will help. Imagine being out in the sun all day and coming back to a chilled room with the AC on. For some respite in the summers air conditioners, room coolers and fans are necessary.

Wide Range of Air Conditioners at ClickMall

At ClickMall, we have a wide range of air conditioners for you to choose from. The catalogue has detailed descriptions and highest quality of images online. The exceptional detailing of the products makes it very easy to buy dc inverter air conditioner online. There are many things to consider when you are searching for the perfect AC to fulfill your needs. We have so many options online for you to choose from which makes your shopping experience more than satisfactory. When you know all the products along with their specifications that are available in the market then you can make an informed decision. An informed customer for us is a happy customer that’s why we make sure that everything you need is on the website.

You can choose from a wide range of air conditioner online as we have multiple electronics brands on board. You have the choice from the best brands such as Orient, Haier, Kenwood, Samsung and Close Comfort and you can trust our credibility that you will get the product exactly as advertised.

Buy Air Conditioner Online

The air conditioners you will get from our website will be delivered to you timely. The quality is never compromised and the AC will be original. You can get the same original product online, with the same warranties, without the hassle.

Gree Air Conditioner Orient Air Conditioner Haier Air Conditioner Samsung Air Conditioner Dawlance Air Conditioner

Most Competitive Air Conditioner Price in Pakistan

Online shopping is great if you like to compare prices before you decide what to buy. When shopping for your desired products online it is fairly simple and far easier to compare prices of different brands and their products. Let’s suppose you want to buy air conditioner and you are not sure whether to get a 2 ton AC or a 1.5 ton AC. You can just scroll through the catalogue to decide what brand you want based on the pricing, quality and your personal requirements. You can also select between fixed speed split types, DC inverter ACs, floor standing air conditioner or portable air conditioners.

At ClickMall.com, you are assured to get the most competitive rates from the local market. You can get your AC delivered within 24 hours and you do not have to worry about going from store to store just to check prices. There will never be a need to haggle with salesmen as you are already getting the best deals online.

Grab your phone or laptop now and scroll through our amazing catalogue for all types and brands of air conditioners. You will be amazed at the choice and quality you are being offered at ClickMall.

Significance And Price of DC Inverter AC In Pakistan

Summer heat and Pakistan these both things become scary when we come to know about the schedule of the load shedding. This means more heat and less convenience but you don’t need to worry about this matter anymore, as we at clickmall has come up with the solution of your issues. We have the best range of DC inverter AC in Pakistan from all of your favourite brands, and here we are going to tell you how much beneficial DC inverter AC is actually for you.

The significance of Purchasing DC Inverter AC

There is a wide range of brands which is offered on our online shopping store and these trusted brands are offering you the best DC Inverter AC Online for saving your money and time as well. Now there is very less awareness which we have regarding the actual merits of DC inverter AC in Pakistan. So here are some of the really informative advantages of having the DC inverter AC at your home.

Save the Electricity

This best part of having a DC inverter AC is that it saves your electricity power up to 60% and this means that your electricity bill will also decrease gradually and having a less bill in summers in the best thing one can have. These sort of Air conditioners make your life more easy as they are more efficient in functioning and saves your money in all the ways.

One time Purchase

You just have to invest once while you are going to buy the DC inverter AC in Pakistan, after that you will feel more relaxed when your electricity bill will come. We can say that this is the one-time investment which will profit you with the worthful warranty that comes by the big brands such as Orient, Bosch, Mitsubishi, Sharp and Dawlance.

No Stabilizer Needed

Once you decide to buy DC Inverter AC online you will get know that one of the more prominent benefits of purchasing this Air conditioner includes that I know how to stabilize your electricity so you don’t need to have a separate stabilizer for it. Moreover, these DC inverter ACs are the solution for the low voltage areas, as they consume a very low amount of electricity.

Active on Solar Panel, UPS and Generators

Now, this is relatively more good news for the people who really want a solution for the load shedding is that you can avail the chill atmosphere even on the solar panel. This is for sure the most amazing news, see this is how low voltage this DC inverter Ac consumes! You can easily connect it with the Generator or the solar panel or the UPS to maintain the chilled environment even when the light is gone.

Low Maintenance

The DC inverter AC price in Pakistan is very low as compared to the warranty and the function of these Air conditioners. Now when the summers are so near you have to pay focus on saving the electricity and try to buy the product which offers you less maintenance and use less electricity. This is the reason why we al clickmall like to bring new products in the world of online stores so that you can easily order your favorite product form your favourite brand through our trusted sources. These all products we offer usually comes with the warrentty from the sellers and we make sure that you get the best out of what you order with the low price and more quality. So shop your favorite Dc intverter Ac with us now!

FAQ about Air Conditioner
How to purchase an air conditioner, what really matters?
Well the weight of your ac should be according to the size of your room. Learn more
What is the main function which discriminate inverter from the conventional air conditioner?
Heat and cool
Dc inverter Ac or conventional split which one is preferable?
Well choose according to your requirement but DC inverter Ac is preferred.

Benefits of Portable Air Conditioners In Pakistan

Talking about the summers the best invention which gives us the relief is the Air conditioners and this is the reason everyone in Pakistan has air conditioners in their rooms. The point here is that if you don’t have any specific room or you are frequent travelers, who have to live in hostels and there all the time you can’t afford to fix the air conditioner and there are so many other people in the room as well. Then the best thing which you can do is to visit clickmall online and buy Portable air conditioner from our online store.

Portable Air Conditioners Price in Pakistan

The price of such products always varies according to the need for the selection of the customer. You can select the totally automatic portable air conditioners from our site and we will offer you various discounts on these products as well. This the advantage of Purchasing the Portable Air Conditioners Online, it not only saves your time but also influences your pocket in a positive way.

Portable Air Conditioner Advantages

• There are so many advantages which are linked with the Portable air conditioner, but some of the most significant benefits are, • You don’t have to take your air conditioner everywhere and wait for it getting fixed. • If you live in the hostel then you can easily use this portable air conditioner • Those who live in a caravan or want to travel around can have this with them easily and use it whenever they feel like. • For the people with guest coming can keep this portable air conditioner and you can arrange a chilled room at any room of your home. There are so many efficient used which are linked with the Portable Air conditioner, but these air conditioners are not easily available in Pakistan, as this technology is very advanced. Clickmall has sorted this all for you by bringing you the best portable air conditioners online, now you can order your very personal air conditioner anywhere in Pakistan, so look at our air conditioner section and start purchasing!
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