Fans & Air Coolers – Better Alternatives for Saving Energy


In the hot summers of Pakistan, one cannot imagine going about the day without air conditioning systems on full throttle. From offices, houses, commercial buildings to personal cars; air conditioners are everywhere. Although they ease out the atrocious summer heat, they are very expensive to keep running. For a sustainable expense reduction, it is vital to reduce the amount of time our buildings run on air conditioners. Moreover, you cannot use your air conditioners guilt free as they are bad for the environment and accentuate global warming. It is, thus, necessary for us all to find better and more sustainable alternatives to air conditioners. The cost of a normal air conditioning unit can be brought down a lot if we alternate the use with fans & air coolers.

If you want to reduce your electricity bills and save energy, you need to installs fans and air coolers in your homes and commercial buildings. More often than not buildings run solely on ACs and there are no other cooling appliances available. It will be better if you turn your AC on for a short while just to bring the temperature of the room lower. Then you can turn on the fan and the room will be moderate for a long time. Moreover, in the monsoon season in Pakistan air coolers can work better than AC.

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You can choose a room cooler or a fan from well-reputed brands like E-Lite, Sabro and Black & Decker etc.  The special range we have of bladeless fans is a technological miracle. If you have small children and cannot look after them every time, then a bladeless fan will be great for you. As the name suggests, there are no blades in the fan and it even saves you more energy. The air magnifying physics behind these fans make them extremely efficient. Pedestal fans have been around forever and the best thing about them is their portability. You can move them around with ease and take them to any room you want.

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