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Old School Feature Phones still have their Charm

When all the world is starting to shift to smart phones, one must think that Feature phones don’t have any future but that is wrong. There is still an old school charm associated with these small companions of tough times. Your smart phone battery may die but these phones will give you three days on standby. You drop your smart phone once and god knows what will happen to it but these buddies were born to fall everywhere, all the time. These are less expensive phones and they last longer than an average smart phone. No one can deny the reliability of a Feature phone.

ClickMall has a range of Feature phones that are very affordably priced and extremely reliable. Different brands still make phones which have a bigger button panel than the screen itself but Nokia Feature phones are better than all others. Now with the revamped Nokia 3310, it has better colors and screen and weighs lesser than a brick. ClickMall offers old school phones too for the people who still want to hold on a little to the past. There are many who aren’t used to new technology or do not feel comfortable with it. For all those, Feature phones are the best choice. They still offer a quality level of communication as you can make phone calls and send text messages. Some of these can now allow you to use the internet as well.

Buy Feature Phones Online at Best Price & Go Vintage

Old Nokia phones are pretty much vintage now but Nokia has kept traditions alive. It may not have those two hands holding each other but it is still connecting people at large. Nokia keeps adding to its Feature phone range and you can buy all of them online at ClickMall. Whether you want to only keep it as an extra phone or you need a cheap phone to use, you can go to our website and select one you like. The choices between Feature phones are not limited because there are many models and types. You can get phones that support two SIMs and have a camera as well. They differ on the user interface as well and some of these phones can access the internet. All of them come with signature Feature games such as Snake and Sudoku.

Discounted Feature Phones Price in Pakistan Exclusively at ClickMall

Feature phones and their prices in Pakistan have always been low as compared to smartphones because of obvious reasons. While smartphones have a lot of advantages and multiple uses, a Feature phone is just that: a phone. They can be purchased at much lower prices and are easily affordable. You can get the most competitive deals on the prices of Feature phones on ClickMall.

All the phones that reach you are original and company sealed. You will also get the company warranty on your phones with all accessories. So what are you waiting for now? Grab your Feature phone from ClickMall now.

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