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  • Room Heaters / Instant Gysers

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  • E-Lite Fan Heater EFH-804

    220V~50Hz 2 Heat Settings: 1000W/2000W Adjustable Thermostat Control Power Indicator Light Overheat safety cut-out Cool airflow for summer use

Keep Yourself Warm in winters with Our Gigantic Online Range of Room Heaters & Instant Geysers

Winters in Pakistan can be very bitter and you have to buy heating appliances for your home to keep the temperature moderate. Moreover, room heaters/instant geysers make your life a lot easier in the brittle cold. Heating appliances add convenience in your lives by giving you access to warm water at any time of the day. Room heaters have made life so much easier because earlier people had to burn wood or coal to keep themselves warm at night. They produced smoke and were unsafe as well. Fire was also used to heat up water for baths which took longer and was a major inconvenience. Even today, some people use stoves to heat up water which causes the steam to float through the whole space, causing inconvenience for the resident. The availability of these heating appliances for houses & commercial buildings has enabled us to cope with extreme weather conditions quite efficiently.

When you want to buy room heaters / instant geysers you know that these should be long term investments so making a wise decision is very important. Any appliances you buy for your house cannot be replaced every now and then because they are obviously expensive. So, a reliable and trust-worthy appliance’s brand is very important. ClickMall provides a list of very famous and dependable brands for you to choose from. You can get heaters and geysers form major brands like Fischer, Sencor, TCL and West Point from ClickMall.

All Sizes of Room Heaters & Instant Geysers Available Online at ClickMall

We provide the best range for heaters and instant geysers for your house. We have made it possible for customers to select from the vast range of room heaters/instant geysers online with little to no fuss. The right size for geysers is important so you can get what you require and the supply of warm water is always sufficient. Gas and electric geysers come in varying sizes and you can see our complete online catalog to get what fits your needs.

There are so many options for you at ClickMall when it comes to geysers and other heating appliances. Our online shopping store enables you to purchase geysers & heaters of various sizes, plus you get choices of filaments as well. Moreover, there are gas and electric heaters variants both available for you to choose as per your requirement. Normally electric heaters are portable and you can take them in any room you want. Electric heaters are safer to use as well and instant geysers save energy by heating water quickly as compared to conventional geysers.

The Best Quality Heaters & Instant Geysers Available at the Best Price

The price of a heater or geyser can depend upon various factors such as size, thermostat type and quality, and other types of heaters. Heaters can be oil, gas, fan, convection or halogen and all these have varying prices. At ClickMall, you can get all these appliances at the most competitive rates online. The products are available with brand warranties for the product itself as well as thermostats, filaments and cylinders, so you do not have to worry about a faulty product anymore.

Whatever clickmall.com brings you online comes from trusted vendors and there is no compromise in quality. So place your order your now with complete peace of mind.

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