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  • Haier 9 Kg T/Load Washing Machine HWM 90-1789 Haier 9 Kg T/Load Washing Machine HWM 90-1789
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    Haier 9 Kg T/Load Washing Machine HWM 90-1789

    Haier’s Washing Machine is a functional, efficient washing machine which is built for convenience of all the customers using it. Haier 9 Kg T/Load Washing Machine provide 10 years warranty...

High Tech Automatic & Semi-Automatic Washing Machines Available Online at ClickMall.com

Laundry or washing is one of the most time consuming chores especially if you have a large family to cater to. Everyone changes clothes daily, or maximum on alternate days, and there is always a new pile of dirty clothes at the end of the week. Washing those clothes by hand could be a total nightmare that is why there are automatic and semi-automatic washing machines that you can use. These machines make life a lot easier and you can give more time to other chores as well along with doing the laundry. Washing and drying can both be done while you relax or cook your favorite meal and the machine does all the hard work.

If you have school going children, then you know they will almost always come back with dirty uniforms. Removing those juice spills and grass stains is too tedious a job. If you have an automatic top load washing machine, you can put those uniforms in for cleaning daily as well. These machines nowadays have controls for everything including the quantity of detergent and water used. They also come in with built-in dryers and your clothes will come out wrung. To simplify washing chores you can choose from online washing machines available at clickmall.com. We have an enormous range of authentic washing machine brands such as Dawlance, Haier and Samsung amongst many others.

Buy Washing Machines Online at Best Price in Pakistan

There are so many brands and types of washing machines available these days and you will have to figure out your needs before you buy one. Most common washing machines are either automatic or semi-automatic operating on various technologies such as inverter & direct drive. Moreover, some come with built-in dryers while others have separate ones. When you decide on what type of washing machine you need, you can then decide on the brand according to your budget. ClickMall has washing machines from various top quality brands and they all differ with respect to price and features.

Some time ago, the design of the washing machine did not matter as they were all just plain and basic colors without any aesthetically pleasing patterns. Now, the modern designs and patterns on kitchen and home appliances make them look beautiful as well. You can fit the pattern based on your theme and according to your style. In addition, automatic washing machines online can also be distributed in front load and top load categories. Front load machines are normally bigger in size and can hold up to 12 Kgs load at one time. The different settings like soft load, standard load, dry wash and tumbler can be suitable for washing everything from curtains and blankets to lingerie.

Go Spotless Clean with Most Competitive Washing Machine Prices in Pakistan

ClickMall has a vast variety of washing machines that are available at the most competitive prices in Pakistan. You can make your decision while staying within budget and know that all your money spent is going in the right place.

ClickMall is one of the fastest growing e-commerce websites in Pakistan and the vendors are trust-worthy to never deliver a faulty product. Shop at ClickMall now to get the best washing machine price in Pakistan.

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