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  • Water Cooler & Dispenser

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  • PEL 115 Curved Glassdoor Purple Blaze Water Dispenser PEL 115 Curved Glassdoor Purple Blaze Water Dispenser
    Sold Out

    PEL 115 Curved Glassdoor Purple Blaze Water Dispenser

    [keyfeature start] Key Features Best quality compressor that cools in minutes. Refrigerator cabinet especially designed to give you extra space to store food and drinks. Regulates electric flow and start...
  • E-Lite Table Top Water Dispenser - 178 T

    Elite Table Top Water Dispenser EWD-178T provides us ice cold water within 10 minutes. It consists of a restart button behind dispenser and R134A Compressor. It is specially designed for...
  • E-Lite Water Dispenser EWD-15

    Elite the name says it all and it helps you to maintain your high standards and provides the best products to you. It deals in home appliances which are made...

Branded Water Dispensers & Coolers Available at Best Price

Water is what all of life depends upon and without it everyone will end up dried and dead. Plants, animals and humans all alike need water for their survival. Human beings have made it easier for themselves to get access to clean drinking water. What starts with fresh water streams or glaciers, ends up in the water bottles you have at home. Water coolers & dispensers have made life easier for all. Boiling water every day was such a tedious job and it took ages to cool down as well. But that is what had to be done at the time to get clean drinking water. Nowadays though, things are easy. All you need to do is put up a bottle on top of the water dispenser and it will draw out the liquid as per your desired temperature.

Famous Brands of Water Dispensers Online in Pakistan at ClickMall


One might expect that water dispensing machines are very expensive but that is not the case. Most people just ignore the fact that tap water is unhealthy and believe that such beverage drawing machines are too costly. We have a range of the most affordable high quality brands on board. You can buy water coolers and dispensers from brands such as E-Lite, Ecostar, Fischer and Orient. These brands offer variety and quality to our website and all our customers can make sure what they want by taking a look at all products available. ClickMall has many types of dispensers available that differ in terms of feature availability.

The products available on ClickMall in the water dispenser and water cooler category range in brand, color, price, design and other features. There are some dispensers that come with a small refrigerator compartment as well while some only dispense water. Moreover, we have some water dispensers that have a modern finish and others that have a metallic finish. Some of the available dispensers online also offer the option of dispensing hot, cold & room temperature water. You can get access to all of these water coolers & dispensers online at the ClickMall.com.

Authentic Water Cooler & Dispenser Units in Pakistan Now Available on ClickMall

Water dispensers are not just an appliance; they are a lifestyle choice. They add style, convenience and safety all in the same mix. The modern styles of the dispenser units are pleasing to look at and they won’t look bad in your well put out house theme.

You can get the best deals for water cooler and dispenser price in Pakistan at ClickMall. The products available are 100% original with company guarantee. We have the best customer care and if there ever are any discrepancies in your order, we have very easy and convenient return policies as well.

You can choose from dispensers that have two taps, three taps, and refrigerator space. The modern designs of dispensers keep in mind style and aesthetics as well. So, get the one that defines your style now. 

Shop online at ClickMall with complete confidence!


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