Bosch Built-in 71 Liters Stainless Teel Oven - HBG656RS1M

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Product Description

4D Hotair Plus: perfect distribution of hot air on up to 4 levels.

4D Hotair Plus achieves an absolutely even distribution of heat by means of optimized air outlets. No matter whether you prepare food on one, two, three or four levels – the result is always perfect.

Perfect at the push of a button: the PerfectBake sensor

Never has baking been so simple: The revolutionary precise PerfectBake sensor measures the humidity content of your dishes permanently and regulates the baking process automatically. You will never have to adjust heating mode, baking time, temperature again if you like. The PerfectBake sensor does it all. The only job you have to do: choose a suitable dish category like „Strudel“ and press „start“. Your oven takes over from there. The result: bread, cakes and quiches baked to perfection.

Perfect roasting results in a jiffy: the PerfectRoast sensor.

Be it roast turkey, Easter lamb, Christmas carp – the PerfectRoast sensor comes with the know-how of a professional chef, but at much less expense. Three highly sensitive measuring points help the sensor determine the core temperature within the food – accurate to degree and second. Maximum measurement accuracy is achieved by inserting all three measuring points at liberty, guaranteeing perfect roasting results. Another advantage: The PerfectRoast sensor may be used in microwaves and steamers.


Precise temperature and baking time settings are simply not to be found in some recipes. But automatic oven settings like the assist function still guarantee you perfect results. Simply choose your desired dish in the control panel – your oven will then select the ideal heating mode, temperature and preparation time automatically. Perfection at the push of a button.

Stainless Steel Control Wheel

Put a new spin on your cooking. Always feel in control with the intuitive control wheel, making operating your oven a breeze.

EcoClean Direct: the energy-saving cleaning aid.

EcoClean Direct, the energy-saving cleaning aid making oven cleaning easy. A special coating of microfine ceramic balls on the interior oven walls breaks down grease spatters while you bake or roast, for the entire service life of the oven. Saving you time and energy.

Additional Information

Brand Bosch
Type of Oven/ Heating System
  • Oven with 13 heating methods:
    4D hot air, Hot Air-Eco, Top/bottom heat, Conventional heat ECO, hot air grilling, Full width grill, Half width grill, Pizza setting, Bottom heat, low temperature cooking, Defrost setting, pre-heating, Hold warm
  • Temperature range NO_FEATURE - 275 °C
  • Cavity volume: 71 l
  • Rotary swivel
  • Cavity inner surface: Enamel anthracite
  • Ecolyse features: ceiling, back panel, side liners
  • ecolyse program
  • Full glass inner door
  • IC6_CBO_62
  • autom. temperature proposal
    actual temperature display
    heating-up control
    Sabbath function
  • bottom, soft closing, soft opening
  • Supporting systems: Dish categories
  • baking sensor
    multipoint temperature probe
  • Electronic clock
  • Rapid heating-up
  • Halogen interior lighting, Switch for oven illumination
  • Integral cooling fan
  • Stainless-steel fan
  • Info button
  • Bar handle
Hook-in racks/rails Cavity with shelf support rails, 1 level telescopic shelf, 3 level telescopic shelf rails full extension, Detend function
Accessory  2 x combination grid, 1 x universal pan
Environment and Safety
  • Maximum window temperature 40° C
  • Child lock
  • Safety switch
  • Residual heat indicator
  • start button
  • Door contact switch
Length of mains cable 120 cm
Total connected load electric 3.6 KW
Appliance dimension (hxwxd) 595 mm x 594 mm x 548 mm
Niche dimension (hxwxd) 560 mm - 568 mm x 585 mm - 595 mm x 550 mm
Energy consumption per cycle in conventional mode 0.87 kwh
Energy consumption per cycle in fan-forced convection mode 0.69 kwh
Number of cavities 1
Heat source electrical
Cavity volume 71 l
Width of the product (mm) 594 mm
Height of the product (mm) 595 mm
Usable volume (of cavity) - NEW (2010/30/EC) 71 l
Cooking method Bottom heat, Conventional heat, Defrost, Full width grill, Half width grill, Hot Air-Eco, Hot air grilling, low temperature cooking, Pizza setting, pre-heating, warming
Highlights Child-proof Lock, ecoClean, Fast Pre-heating function
Included accessories cavity 1 2 x combination grid, 1 x universal pan
Energy efficiency class A+
Color / Material Front Stainless steel
Construction type Built-in
Control Panel Material Stainless steel
Door Material Glass
Energy input Electric
Installation typology Built-in
Door hinge Bottom, damped
Cavity width (cm) 48.0 cm
Cavity height (cm) 35.7 cm
Cavity depth (cm) 41.5 cm
Dimensions of the product (mm) 595 x 594 x 548 mm
Cut-out width 560 mm
Cut-out height (mm) 585 mm
Cut-out depth 550 mm
Depth with door open (mm) 1,040 mm
Net weight (kg) 36.9 kg
Area of largest baking sheet 1,290
Hot air temperature max. (°C) 275 °C
T/b heating temperature max. (°C) 300 °C
Product size Large
Door temperature 40 °C
Energy efficiency class A+
Energy consumption per cycle conventional (2010/30/EC) 0.87
Energy consumption per cycle forced air convection (2010/30/EC) 0.69
Included accessories cavity 1 2 x combination grid, 1 x universal pan
Pull-out system 1-level
Length electrical supply cord (cm) 120 cm
Current (A) 16 A
Electrical connection rating (W) 3,600 W
Plug type no plug
Voltage (V) 220-240 V

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