Bosch Built-in 90 Cm Ceramic HOB - PKV975DC1M

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Product Description


The temperature is crucial for frying. Too high will make even the best steak fry too quickly or scorch it. No matter how you like to eat it - rare, medium or well-done: frying meat is made simple now. PerfectFry sensor regulates temperatures continuously during frying and adjusts them precisely if needed.

DirectSelect Premium

DirectSelect Premium offers premium usability during cooking with a full length of 30cm. For an intuitively simple selection of power levels and additional functionalities. Our user interface only shows the functions which you actually require. The user interface is not visible when turned off and makes for a clean and elegant design of the hob.

17 stage control setting for induction

17 stage control setting for induction hobs. Perfect for precise heat control to meet your different cooking needs.

Pan recognition

Pan recognition is an excellent safety feature, as the hob will only produce heat when the pan is on a cooking zone.

Additional Information

Brand Bosch
Color Black
Technical Information
  • Facette front and rear, side profiles
  • HighSpeed ceramic glass
    • 5 HighSpeed cooking zones, including:
    • 1 dual zone
    • 1 triple zone
    • 1 extendible triple zone
    • Direct Select
    • Electronic display
    • Timer with switch-off function for all zones
    • Alarm clock
    • count-up timer, per cooktop
    • Electronic regulation 17 power levels
    • Wipe protection function
    Enivironment and Safety
    • Main switch
    • Power on indicator light
    • Digital 2 stage residual heat indicator per cooking zone
    • Childproof lock
    • Safety switch-off
    • Individual tunable energy consumption display
    Professional Equipment
    • Direct Select
    • Appliance dimensions: (W/D) 916 mm x 527 mm
    • Min. worktop thickness: 20 mm
    Energy input Electric
    Type of control setting and signalling devices Direct Select 2.0, front
    Safety device childproof lock, Key Lock, Safety time-switch-off
    Features 17 power levels, DirectSelect Premium, FryingSensor Plus, Keep warm function, PerfectFry - frying sensor
    Energy consumption of hob 191.9
    Color of frame Alu, brushed
    Color of surface Alu, brushed, Black
    Construction type Built-in
    Number of electric plates 0
    Number of electric cooking zones 5
    Type of frame Facette front + rear,side profiles
    Installation typology Built-in
    Total number of positions that can be used at the same time 5
    Dimensions of the product (mm) 44 x 916 x 527 mm
    Net weight (kg) 12.8 kg
    Location of 1st heating element Front Left
    Dimension of 1st heating element (mm) 120 x 180 mm
    Power of 1st heating element (kW) 0.8 ; 2 kW
    Type of 1st heating element Radiant heating
    Energy consumption of 1st heating element 199.0
    Location of 2nd heating element Center Left
    Dimension of 3rd heating element (mm) 180 mm
    Location of 3rd heating element Back Left
    Power of 3rd heating element (kW)

    2 kW

    Type of 3rd heating element Radiant heating
    Energy consumption of 3rd heating element 188.8
    Location of 4th heating element Middle Back
    Dimension of 5th heating element (mm) 110 mm
    Location of 5th heating element Back Right
    Power of 5th heating element (kW) 0.6 kW
    Type of 5th heating element Radiant heating
    Energy consumption of 5th heating element 195.9
    Location of 6th heating element center right
    Dimension of 7th heating element (mm) 145 ; 200 ; 350 mm
    Location of 7th heating element Front Right
    Power of 7th heating element (kW) 0.9 ; 1.75 ; 2.1 kW
    Type of 7th heating element Radiant heating
    Energy consumption of 7th heating element 183.5
    Location of 8th heating element front middle / central
    Dimension of 9th heating element (mm) 145 ; 210 ; 275 mm
    Location of 9th heating element front centre/cent
    Power of 9th heating element (kW) 1.05 ; 2.2 ; 3.1 kW
    Type of 9th heating element Radiant heating
    Energy consumption of 9th heating element 192.3
    Power on indicator Yes
    Residual heat indicator Separate
    Safety device childproof lock, Key Lock, Safety time-switch-off
    Main on/off switch Yes
    Electrical connection rating (W) 9,450 W
    Energy input Electric
    Frequency (Hz) 50; 60 Hz

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