Facial Kit and Skin Treatment

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Product Description

Brightening  Scrub

  • Good to remove callus and skin dryness
  • With walnut shell powder and aloe vera extract
  • Helps to eliminate dark and brown spots
  • Lightens dark skin pigmentation
  • Gives the skin healthy glow

Brightening Cleansing Milk

  • Cleanse and purifies skin with lemon and aloe vera extracts
  •  Removes makeup, dirt and refreshes skin
  • Ideal blend of brightening actives and Vitamins
  • Softens and Smooths the skin
  • Keeps the skin healthy and radiant

Brightening Massage Cream

  • Indulge your skin while softening you skin
  • For a radiant and glowing skin
  • Enriched with natural oils and vitamins
  • Ideal for deep tissue massage to help increase circulation 
  • Refresh, energize and boost skin health
  • Great massage cream for after professional facial procedures 


Purifying Peel-Off Black Mask

  • Removes dulling surface cells and impurities 
  • Papaya extract soften the skin to restore a youthful glow
  • Absorbs pores of blackheads, stubborn dirt, shrink pores and regulate oil secretion 
  • Best for oily skin blackheads and strawberry nose

Brightening Skin Shiner

  • Get a protected refreshed and shining skin after any skin treatment with this amazing skin shiner
  • Enhances skin shine naturally and instantly
  • Perfect for moisturizing skin, lifting and removing dead skin cells 
  • Reduces pore size, fine lines, wrinkles and development of acne 
  • Makes skin visibly fair, younger and glowing like of youth

Brightening Mud Mask

  • Helps to eliminates dark spots, lightens skin pigmentation and brighten complexion
  • Blended with sodium lactate to brighten complexion
  • With regular use skin will glow and look fairer
  • Dark spots and acne scar will be diminished.

Facial Skin Polisher

  • Deeply exfoliates to leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Natural fruit extract cleanse, renew and smooth skin texture
  • Stimulates and re hydrates all skin types
  • Removes dead skin cells to prevent clogged pores
  • Instantly polishes the skin and rejuvenate naturally 

Smoothing Lotion

  • Non irritating, relief from dry and itchy skin instantly
  • Visibly reduces redness
  • Penetrates deep to restore moisture content and make your skin soft and smooth
  • Its powerful anti oxidant properties prevent damage caused by sun rays and pollution
  • Contains menthol and allantoins to protect your skin form rashes
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