Multynet 39" LED 39M100

Sold By: Electrocool City


Key Features

  • Power usage 40W
  • Voltage consumption; 220-240
  • Amazing 1366*768 display resolution
  • Slim Design
  • Ultra-Dynamic Contrast
  • Enhanced graphics
  • Slim and sleek Design
  • Sound Booster
  • Resolution:720P HD
  • 2 HDMI Input
  • 2 USB Play
  • VGA Input
  • Energy Saving mechanism

Product Description

Multinet 39" LED 39M100 Regular

Looking for the permanent solution for your watching problems and you don’t even want the new smart tv to be expensive right? Here is the easy solution in the shape of Multynet 39" LED  by clickmall. Why not purchasing the Multynet 39" LED with the Power usage 40W, low Voltage consumption of 220-240, remarkable 1366*768 display resolution? The slim design, ultra-dynamic contrast, enhanced graphics, slim and sleek style will make you fall in love this champion from multinet. This is not it, in fact this LED Tv comes with the 2 GMI ports, 2 USB ports and VGA input. Now with the energy saving mechanism you can easily save your electricity as well so order Multynet 39" LED 39M100 with the amazing discount only on clickmall!

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