Samsung 1.5 Ton Split Inv AC AR18MSFHFWK H/Cool

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Product Description

Works smart, saves energy

An energy-efficient Digital Inverter 8-Pole maintains the desired temperature without frequently turning off and on. So it uses less energy* and helps you stay comfortable for long periods.

Fast Cooling

Fast Cooling Mode cools much faster by running the compressor at the maximum level with the fastest fan speed for 30 minutes*. It’s Digital Inverter 8-Pole also helps it quickly reach the maximum Hz when it starts.

Keeps the air clean

The 3 Care Filter keeps your air fresh and the inside of the unit clean. As well as capturing dust, it eliminates up to 99% of certain viruses, bacteria and allergens* as they pass through its dense filter mesh.

Additional Information

Brand Samsung
Color White
Capacity 2,220 - 18,380 BTU/HR
EER 3.2
Power Consumption 1,560 W
Operating Current 7 A
Capacity 3,420 - 24,560 BTU/HR
COP 3.41
Power Consumption 1,760 W
Operating Current 8 A
Indoor 1,128 x 299 x 378 mm
Outdoor 1,023 x 730 x 413 mm
Technical Information
Piping Length 20 m
Piping Height 12 m
Refrigerant R410A
Compressor Type 8-POLE
Fin Type Anti-Corrosion Fin
Air Purification
Allergy Care Yes
Anti-Bacteria Yes
Auto Clean Yes

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